Student Leadership

Student Leadership

At Eckington School, we have an extensive student leadership programme for students from Year 7 to Year 13. Eckington Student Leadership is about students learning to lead themselves as well as leading others. Our young leaders develop a sense of responsibility, and a positive mindset coupled with planning and organisational skills which enable them to become better learners, supporting them to fulfil their potential.

Year 7 students take part in a student leadership day in September, led by our own student leaders from a range of other year groups. The Student Leadership Conference helps Y7 understand the leadership roles available in our school, how these roles develop as students’ progress through the school and it also highlights the skills that students can develop through student leadership.

The following student leadership opportunities are available at Eckington School:

Whole School Student Leadership

Prefects (Sixth form students)

Student Council/Voice and House Captains:

President/Vice President (Sixth form students)

One House captain per house (Sixth form Students)

Year Reps (One Year Rep from each Year group Year 7 – Year 13)

Form Reps (One form Rep from every form group Year 7 – Year 13)

The Student Council is led by the President and Vice President. These students are nominated by staff and then apply to be a Student Ambassador. The candidates for Senior Ambassadors are then interviewed by the Principal and then the final four are elected by students. Student  Council will meet regularly to ensure that students’ voices are heard and acted upon.


Department Student Leadership/Student Researchers

  • Subject Ambassadors in Drama, Languages, ethics and Art (Y7 – 13)
  • Librarians (Y7 – 13)
  • Learning Mentor Leadership Projects (Y7 and Y8)
  • Literacy Ambassadors (Y7 – 13)
  • Teaching and Learning Ambassadors (Y7 – 13)
  • PiXL Edge Ambassadors (Y7 – 13)


Student Support Leadership

  • Well Being Ambassadors (Y7 – 13
  • Peer Tutors (Y9)
  • Lead Peer Tutors (Y10)
  • Exam Mentors (Y12)


Students are invited to apply in writing for any of the above roles when advertised.

If you would like any further information about our student leadership programme please contact Mrs K. Needham.

Student Leadership

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