Pupil Reception

Pupil Reception

In pupil reception we deal with many things from:

Bus passes:

    • If your child has never had a bus pass then an application form can be completed here.
    • If your child has lost their bus pass then this will cost £5 for a replacement.  Please send your child to pupil reception with a note from yourself and £5 in cash.  A new bus pass will be ordered and a temporary one lasting for two weeks will be given to your child.

Free school meals:

    • If you think you are entitled to free school meals an application form can be collected from pupil reception and when completed, returned to Derbyshire County Council, alternatively a from is available online at:

B-line – a card that will enable the student to access discounts at various at various shops and reduced travel costs.

    • During year 7, your child will have their photograph taken and this will automatically generate their first B_line card (valid Y7-Y10).
    • In Y11 they will receive a second B_line card.  This will be delivered to school and then issued to your child via their form tutor.  Please visit the web page to find out details of discounts that are available to your child.
    • If your child loses their card or needs then a form can be picked up form pupil reception or via this web page.

Please bring the completed form, together with a passport sized photograph to pupil reception for verification.  This should then be sent to Derbyshire County Council

Pupil medication:

    • If your child is returning after illness and needs to take medication during the school day, the medication can be left in pupil reception.  Your child will need to come here when the medication is required.  Please complete the parental consent form and send this together with the medication with your child to pupil reception.
    • If your child requires medication during the school day then please complete this form and send this and the medication with your child to pupil reception.

The following items can be purchased at pupil reception:

    • Student planners – £3.00
    • House badges – £1
    • School ties –  £4.50

Confiscated items:

    • During the school day your child may have something confiscated.  This could be any item.  This will be brought to pupil reception by the teacher and a note made of the child’s name and the item confiscated.  At the end of the school day, the child can collect the confiscated item from pupil reception. If your child has three items confiscated in a term, then this item and subsequent items will need to be collected by parents.  The items confiscated are kept safely in pupil reception.
Pupil Reception

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