Year 10 Aim Higher



Year 10 Aim Higher

Aim Higher is about improving the life chances of a targeted group of students by offering them a more personalised learning approach to meet their needs.

Our Aims:

  • For all learners in Aim Higher to achieve their target grades, with a particular focus on English and Maths
  • For all learners in Aim Higher to achieve at least 95% attendance
  • For all learners to adopt a positive attitude to his/her studies
  • For all learners to move into further education, training or work
  • At the start of Year 10, we reorganised the year group into smaller tutor groups, with the main aim being to support Aim Higher students as fully as possible. During Year 10, learners in the Aim Higher cohort meet with their form tutor on a regular basis to review his/her progress in all subjects and to set learning targets to work towards.

    Every care and attention will be given to ensure that learners in Aim Higher are given the necessary support and guidance to achieve or exceed their potential. Additional support and intervention strategies will be employed to bring about improvements in all areas of school life.

    Pastoral care is paramount if a child is to succeed. As a result Mrs Turner, Pastoral Support Assistant, continues to support all Year 10 students.

    The year team looks to create open communication links between parent/carers, teaching and support staff and where necessary liaising with outside agencies, enabling students to feel safe, secure and most importantly supported with whatever life throws at them. Our aim is to offer emotional, behavioural and academic support to those who require it and we are proud of the close working relationship we have with parents and students.

    We look to enhance student's self esteem and well-being by motivation supported by praise, encouragement and reward. The majority of this will be regular and informal with the Year Team taking every opportunity to highlight positive feedback.

    We look to monitor behaviour, academic ability and attendance closely and we celebrate student, team and group success both inside and outside the classroom on a termly basis.

    Parental Communication & Contact Us

    It is only through positive and strong relationships between school staff and parents/carers that we are able to best support you and your child. If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.

    Your first point of contact should be your child's tutor. This can be done through your child's planner, which is checked on a regular basis, the telephone or e-mail.

    Mrs R Price - Director of Learning Year 10

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