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Year 8

Leader of Student Development - Mr Brennin
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Pastoral Support Assistant - Mrs Towndrow
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Welcome to the Year 8 area on the school website.

Mr Brennin is the Leader of Student Development and is supported by Mrs Towndrow, the Pastoral Assistant for the year group, together with a team of tutors.

The year team looks to create open communication links between parent/carers, teaching and support staff and where necessary liaising with outside agencies, enabling students to feel safe, secure and most importantly supported with whatever life throws at them. Our aim is to offer emotional, behavioural and academic support to those who require it and we are proud of the close working relationship we have with parents and students.

We look to enhance student self-esteem and well-being by motivation supported by praise, encouragement and reward. The majority of this will be regular and informal with the Year Team taking every opportunity to highlight positive feedback.
We look to monitor behaviour, academic ability and attendance closely and we celebrate student, team and group success both inside and outside the classroom on a termly basis.
Celebrating student success in all areas of school life is also very important to Mr Brennin and Mrs Towndrow and they want the students' time at Eckington School to be as successful as possible.

Contacting us

It is only through positive and strong relationships between school staff and parents/carers that we are able to best support our young people. If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Your first point of contact should always be your child's form tutor. Form tutors can be contacted by telephone before school and during the school day, but please be aware that they will almost certainly be teaching and unable to take a call in The first instance.

Telephone: 01246 432 849
Alternatively the Leader of Student Development and the Pastoral Support Assistant can be contacted either by telephone or by using the email above.

Safe and Well Being Booklet

This booklet provides advice and information about parenting and living with teenagers. Topics covered include communication, stress and anxiety, e-safety, social networking and self-harm.

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