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Revision Resources for Year 11 students

Thorough revision is essential if you are to be successful in your GCSE examinations. Revision should be done over a period of time - if you start the night before it is too late. Your teachers have recommended the following resources to help you prepare for these very important exams.
Be smart and start revising now!

To view our GCSE Revision Guides, please select a course from the drop-down menu below and click "Go".

Please note that these guides are in PDF format.

Other Revision Materials

Business Studies:
The following websites will be useful for revision:
BBC bitesize

Welsh Exam Board  Revision guide is available from the department. - £3.00

Design Technology:
Resistant Materials - The essential GCSE Design & Technology: Resistant Materials (Lonsdale).
Systems and Control - Pupils are provided with own study/revision pack provided by Mr Hendzell.

Any AQA English GCSE revision guide - Nelson Thornes are the approved publisher.
MacBeth revision pack - all students have been given a pack.
Further revision packs will be given on other topics during the year.

Students can revise topic vocabulary from (ask your teacher for the username and password)
CGP publish a good revision guide: GCSE French Complete Revision & Practice with Audio CD.

For GCSE (AQA Spec A) Geography a revision guide is available from school at £3.50 (£5.90 in the shops). There will also be a pack of in-house resources available shortly for £1.00. Students are also advised to use the BBC Bitesize website / book.

Students can revise topic vocabulary from (ask your teacher for the username and password)
CGP publish a good revision guide: GCSE German Complete Revision & Practice with Audio CD.

German AS Level: (Y12 exercises)
Deutsch for slowly spoken news broadcasts and podcasts.
Philip Allan AS/A Level German exam revision notes.

Graphic Products:
Students need to click on the graphics link and revision material is sorted into sections from here.

Miss Bell has placed an electronic copy of the textbook on the shared area. It is in History  a folder marked 'Modern World Textbook'. Students can take their own copies on memory stick or hard drives.

Dynamic Learning - Usernames and passwords will be given to students by Mr Knutsen.

Maths Watch CD for £4.00 and the relevant booklets for £1 each. It is recommended that students buy two booklets total cost is £6.00

There is a revision guide for GCSE Music on the learning platform. The GCSE bitesize revision for the Listening module and exam is also very useful.

Physical Education:
Letts and Lonsdale: Essentials GCSE Physical Education Revision guide (£4.99)

Internet resource, BBC bitesize GCSE science, is a good tool for revision.
Revision books:
Oxford University Press produce a revision guide for Additional science.
ISBN 978-0-19-915234-6
Lonsdale do a good book for Core science. ISBN 1-905129-59-9
Any good bookshop will order them.

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