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Cern Trip

Cern Trip 2017

On the 20th November 2017 thirty-two post-16 students set off for a three day trip to Geneva to visit CERN, Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire" (European Council for Nuclear Research). The visit was to enable the students to see real-life science and scientists at work. The trip opened with students landing in Geneva where they quickly adapted to a well-established public transport system - it truly does run on time! Students settled in well and got to know their surroundings; they visited Lake Geneva and absorbed the atmosphere.

Day two was the visit to CERN itself and the visit the Large Hadronn collider ( LHC ). Our students first sat with working scientists for lunch and then met one of their guides for the day. The tour consisted of a talk and Q & A session, then the students were taken off to see the LHC in action. Our destination was CMS the Compact Muon Solenoid (in Cessy in France). T This part of the LHC discovered the higgs boson particle. The students then plunged about 100 metres underground to visit the massive network of cables, computers, servers, laboratories that run the LHC. The students were only 7 metres away from a working experiment! After being guided round the facility they were then given chance to have photos taken stood next to CMS, and then have a Q&A session. After this the students returned to Geneva.

Day three was a day for the students to do what they wanted, to either visit the main city of Geneva, or go into France for a relaxing walk into the hills. The trip finished with 32 exhausted students arriving home late on a Wednesday evening - all having enjoyed a fantastic trip.

A Level Results 2016

A-level students on results day 2016 A-level students on results day 2016

Eckington School's Headteacher, Patrick Cummings, congratulated his Year 13 students on their terrific A level and Btec examination results. Students and their teachers have worked hard to improve on a 5 year improving trend in A level scores. As in previous years we expect that almost every student will gain the university place of their choice. Some of our high flyers this year include:-

Emma Hartley History: A
English Language: A
English Literature: A*
Hannah Scaife BTEC Health and Social Care: D* D* D*
(equivalent to 3A*'s at A-Level)
Channelle Rickett BTEC Health and Social Care: D* D D
Roma Patel Psychology: A
Mathematics: A
Biology: A
Chemistry: B
Beth Rhodes Geography: A
English Literature: A
Psychology: B
Extended Project: A
Lewis Fretwell-Smith Mathematics: A
Physics: A
Chemistry: B
Geology: B
Josh Mowbray Mathematics: A*
Further Mathematics:A
Chemistry: B
Paige Green Psychology: A*
Biology: A
Mathematics: C
Chemistry: C
Isabelle Ritchie Film Studies: A
Extended Project: A
English Language: C
English Literature: C

Year 12 Hamlet Trip

Y12 Hamlet Trip

On Wednesday 25th May, the Year 12 English literature A-level class enjoyed a trip to Derby Theatre with Mrs Mabbs to watch a performance of their set Shakespeare text, 'Hamlet'. As part of the course, students must explore different interpretations of the text; this production was traditional, tense and bloody. It was fantastic to see the text brought to life on stage - especially this year, with so many 'Shakespeare 400' events taking place around the world.

Year 12 Chemistry Students Visit the University Labs for Schools

Year 12 students visit the university labs for schools

Our year 12 chemistry students spent the morning synthesising paracetamol then had a brief careers talk in the afternoon.

All students found the day enjoyable and useful, giving them an insight into what it would be like to study chemistry (or similar) at a higher level.

The session was delivered by Dr Joanna Buckley who was extremely impressed by the level of competency that students showed in the lab, some of the best she has ever seen! She looks forward to Eckington School visiting again in the near future as do we!

A-level Psychology students

A-Level Science and Pseudoscience Conference

On November 11th 2015 a small group of first year A-level Psychology students spent the day at Nottingham Playhouse being entertained by world renowned psychologists, magicians and hypnotists all in the name of what we call science.

Students experienced academic lectures on the nature of science, psychology and science as well what makes bad science; this is critical to not only their A-level study of psychology but also gave many a first glimpse at what a lecture at a university might feel like.

Dr Dance, Pete Lovett from the University of Warwick then spent an hour explaining the merits of dance, sharing results from his own research and including students in an interactive dance routine.

In the afternoon students were wowed with magic by Oliver Meech, who studied psychology at Oxford University and then the highlight for most was the practical demonstration of hypnosis by Andrew Newton; students were invited to take part in the hypnosis and whether involved or merely an audience member, laughs were had all round.

An exciting and entertaining day for all who were involved; very much a classic step away from traditional academic lectures.

A-level students on results day 2015

A Level Results 2015

Eckington School's Headteacher, Patrick Cummings congratulated the A level cohort of students on producing the school's best ever A level results.

He said, Our attainment has been rising steadily for the last five years. However, our A level results today show a significant leap compared to last year's. Our confident hope is that almost all of our students who wish to go to university will receive a place at the university of their choice.

All students and staff have worked very hard to produce these good outcomes. A particular well done should go to the following:

  • Daniella Dunn (3As and 1 A*)
  • Hailey Pun (A*, A, B)
  • Alice Connelly (A*, B, B)
  • Meghann Crofts (A, A, B)
  • Luke Holden (A, A, B)
  • Georgia Murray (A, A, B)
  • Emily Rhodes (A, A, B)
  • Ruby Cunningham (A*, B, C)
  • Alex Jackson (A*, B, C)
  • Brooke Woolley (A, B, B)
  • Sarah Kesteven (A, B, B)

  • Jack Hallam

    Sixth Form student stars in Sheffield Show

    A young actor from Killamarsh takes centre stage at the Crucible studio in Sheffield in August.

    Jack Hallam, a sixth form student at Eckington School, is appearing in The Denys Edward Players adaption of David Copperfield in the title role.

    Jack said I was thrilled to hear I will be playing the role of David, it is such an opportunity  one that will help shape my Theatre Studies.

    The play runs from 11th- 15th August with a 7.15pm start. For further details please visit:

  • Sheffield Theatres

  • Y12 geography students

    Sneaton Castle Trip

    Year 12 Geography students recently visited the Holderness Coast between Spurn Point and Bridlington, before travelling north to stay in a castle in Whitby! On the Holderness coast students were able to see first-hand the consequences of rapid coastal erosion on Europes' fastest eroding coastline.

    Students also visited Mappleton, Hornsea and Skipsea which lie on glacial till (boulder clay) geology, a sediment deposited by retreating ice around 14,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. There are many examples on this coast of abandoned villages, roads and other services that have been destroyed and of coastal management strategies that have been employed to protect the cliffs.

    Further up the coast the students visited some sites near Whitby, as well as Robin Hood's Bay and Scarborough to evaluate the success of a further range of coastal management strategies.

    Students also visited some important river sites in the region, including the famous Malyan Spout Waterfall, as well as observing a number of flucio-glacial geological phenomena again related to the end of the last ice age.

    Y8 students with their project

    Sixth Form students receive arts prize from Renishaw Hall

    Three students from Eckington Sixth Form were delighted to receive an award for their commitment to the Arts from Renishaw Hall's archivist, Christine Beevers at their leaving celebration in the school's sixth form centre.

    The awards, totalling £1000, are intended to enable the students to pursue their artistic interests and to encourage them to study at a higher level after leaving school. The literature award went to Fern Deffley, and the fine art award was shared between Alice Connolly and Ruby Cunningham.

    After giving out the prizes, Ms. Beevers gave a short talk, in which she outlined the Sitwell family's long-standing support for the Arts at local, national and international levels. Chris Wright, head of sixth form, expressed the school's gratitude at being able to celebrate students' creativity in such a tangible way.

    Poetry by Heart winner

    Poetry by Heart

    A competition that celebrates a love of poetry amongst students, Poetry by Heart, took place on Thursday 5th of January 2015. One of our A level literature students, Courteney Costall, bravely took part in this experience at The Showroom in Sheffield.

    Courteney recited three beautiful poems from memory to an audience of around thirty people. She delivered them with confidence and emotion, and as a result of her brilliant performance, Courteney was awarded second place.

    Courteney has kindly donated her prize, a selection of poetry books, to our school's English department. Congratulations Courteney!

    Sixth Form student Georgia Murray

    Georgia Murray wins place at Vanderbilt University

    Sixth Form student Georgia Murray has won a place and a financial aid package to study at Vanderbilt University in America after participating in the Sutton Trusts US Programme run in partnership with the US-UK Fulbright Commission.

    Georgia competed with 2,200 applicants to win one of 175 places on the programme and will be the first in her family to go to university, and is the first from Eckington School to apply to study in the USA. Well Done Georgia!

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