School Dinners



School Dinners

A new way to pay for school meals

Students are now able to instantly load money onto their school lunch account thorough the new payment machine, which is located next to pupil reception.

The machine accepts coins (except 1p, 2p and 5p coins. It also accepts £5 and £10 notes. Instuctions on how to use are detailed above the machine.

Here's a reminder of the payment methods we currently accept:

  • 1. Online via - please contact the finance officer if you wish to set this up.
  • 2. With cash, via our new payment machine.
  • 3. With Cheques only, via our old cash box (this option will be removed on 31.1.18).

  • Chartwells in partnership with Eckington School

    Chartwells Catering

    Please note, from September 2017 our new school meals provider will be 'Chartwells'.

    All parent pay top ups for school dinners will need to be credited to 'Chartwells' ('Lunch Card Top-Up - Eckington School').

    All cheque payments will need to be made out to 'Chartwells'.

    Some information from our new provider of school meals:

    Chartwells is the leading provider of contract catering and support services to the education sector in the UK. Our team prides themselves on innovation and commitment to finding imaginative new ways to increase meal uptake and enhance student experience, making school food tasty and appealing. There's also a great deal of importance placed on the vital role we play in educating young people on good nutrition and healthy lifestyles and additional education programmes.

    At the heart of our offer is freshly prepared, great-tasting and attractively presented food that's fully nutritionally analysed by our expert in-house team. We put the highest possible emphasis on healthy, balanced, nutritionally compliant school meals that provide excellent value for money.

    We're proud of our support for local and British suppliers  sourcing the best possible quality ingredients and produce from well respected, stringently selected and continually audited farmers and growers. At the same time we use our economies of scale to make sure of value for money, highly competitive pricing and low food miles through an industry-leading distribution network.

    We've always taken the issue of food allergies extremely seriously. If any pupil has an allergy, an intolerance or a medical condition that calls for a special diet - however simple or complex - our in-house expert team of nutritionists make sure they're fully and safely catered for with special menus, procedures and local training. We work closely with each student and their family to create an individual menu that they'll like and eat, regularly developing special menus to deal with the common allergens as well as looking after more complex diet-affected metabolic disorders. We also support diabetic dietary needs (especially type 1) by providing the exact amount of carbohydrate needed to manage insulin levels.

    Payment for meals must be made in advance, via cheque or ParentPay. More details are available by following the link on the right to the Cashless Catering System page.

    *To view these documents you will need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, which are free to download.

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