Research skills

As you progress through school, less information is given to you and you have to find more information for yourself by researching. You will find as you progress through life less information is given to you on a plate and you will have to use your research skills to find out information relevant to you. You will need to use your research skills to find a job, find a workman, find out about a hobby or interest and thousands of other reasons throughout your life. If you work on developing your research skills they will help you in many areas of your life and for many years to come.

The internet has become one of the main ways we find out information, however the internet is not always the most reliable or accurate tool. Information cannot always be verified as from a reliable source. The internet can be useful but you have to consider if the information is reliable and accurate. Some of the links to the right give you advice on using the internet as a research tool and ensuring you get accurate information.