Reflecting skills

Sometimes it is useful to stand back and take stock of how you are progressing at school. This is called reflecting, it can help you to identify areas where you can improve your own performance and also see where you have done well.

Reflecting can be done at anytime, it may consist of thinking about your work, writing a diary or considering your performance in a more formal way. Well-developed skills in reflection can help us to: 

  • Gain a more in-depth and honest picture of ourselves.
  • Become more aware of our hidden motivations, our thinking styles, and of how we appear to other people.
  • Develop a better understanding of what affects our own performance and progress.
  • Develop our insight and judgements.
  • Gain more control over our own thoughts, emotions, responses and behaviour so that we are in a better position to achieve what we want to achieve. 

You will find that reflecting on what has happened will help you to make better choices in the future and help you to develop your learning.