Planning skills

As you progress through school it becomes more and more important for you to keep on top of the work you have to do. It can seem daunting keeping up with things when you have different homework tasks and coursework to complete for different teachers, you may have social commitments or a part time job to fit in too. If you can devise a system for keeping up with all of your commitments and ensuring you get everything done it will make your life much easier and less stressful.

One of the easiest ways to keep track of your commitments is to keep a 'To Do' list. On your To Do list you should note all of your tasks and cross them off as you complete them. You can even add priorities to your To Do list so than you can work on the most important things first. Check the links to the right for more advice on keeping a To Do list.

It is important to have a method of tracking progress towards your long term goals. If you really want to become a professional actor, for example, it is no good just hoping it will happen. You should set long term goals to aim for and you can use these goals to set shorter term targets to achieve your goals. Your long term goal could be to get a paid acting job within the next 3 years, a target that would help you achieve this goal would be to audition for the next school production and be selected for a main role. See the links to the right on SMART goals, for more information on setting successful goals.