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House Points July 2016

House Ennis-Hill
1st - 312 points

House Mandela
2nd - 310 points

House Hawking is Gold. Not Yellow.
House Farah
3rd - 268 points

House Hawking
4th - 251 points

School Nurse

Every Wednesday Lunch Time in the Connexions Office (opposite the Information Centre)

If you have any health concerns, worries, thoughts or questions, pop along to see our School Nurse at Wednesday lunch time. You can discuss anything from headaches to cigarettes to relationships in a confidential, professional and friendly environment.

You can also email our School Nurse at:

A School Nurse, just doin' her thing

News and Events

space event

Space Rocks Event!
Planetarium - Spacesuit - Meteorites - Guest speakers
- telescopes - workshops - live links to Observatories
Join us on Thursday 17th November 6-9pm
Link to Space Rocks flyer
Link to Space Rocks competition

Book Fair

Half Price Book Sale
Starts Tuesday 15th November 2016

Year 12/13 York Film Festival Trip
Friday 4th November 2016

Year 13 reports issued
Friday 4th November 2016