Good Learning Focus

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House Points 2017/18

House Farah
1st - 93 points

House Ennis-Hill
2nd - 88 points

House Hawking
3rd - 86 points

House Hawking is Gold. Not Yellow.
House Mandela
4th - 84 points

Career drop-in sessions

Nurse? Architect? Driving Instructor? Engineer?

Careers Library is open for Drop In Sessions Monday -Thursday at lunchtime.

Monday = Careers Advice (Mrs Roberts)
Tuesday = Careers Advice (Mr Holloway)
Wed &Thurs = Careers Library and Work Experience support. (Mrs Warren-Armes)


News and Events


Y12 report issued with tutor comments
20th April 2018

Flexible Learning Day
20th April 2018

Y10 Raising Achievement Evening
25th April 2018

Y9 and Y11 report issued with tutor comments
27th April 2018