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At Eckington School we are committed to your child's well being and aim to promote a school culture where everyone feels safe, secure and looked after. This is underpinned by the whole school SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) initiative and our carefully considered pastoral programmes.

SEAL at Eckington is embedded into our curriculum through 'Good Learning'. Each term we have a different Good Learning focus which allows staff and students to reflect upon their social and emotional skills. This is linked clearly to the impact such skills can have on learning. Students are encouraged to be self reflective whilst staff identify opportunities to promote and develop such skills through the curriculum.

Further to this the Personal Social and Health Education programme explicitly deals with a vast range of issues from healthy eating to careers advice during timetabled lessons every week. In addition we dedicate whole days off timetable to our 'Staying Alive' programme where a diverse body of outside agencies come into Eckington to deliver workshops and practical activities based on student health and welfare.

Other agencies directly involved in day-to-day school life include the school nurse, a school counsellor, Derbyshire Connexions team, the education welfare officer and a family support worker, all of whom work with individual students and their families to ensure the best possible care and provision for your child.

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