Y8 Enterprise Day



Year 8 Enterprise Day

Y8 Enterprise Day

On 29th February 2016 all year 8 students took part in an enterprise day. Before the event they were given a choice of six career areas that would offer them an insight into the world of work.

The aim of the day was to allow students to experience their chosen activity and give them an insight into how that area of work operates. Year 8 are working on becoming their own career researchers. They are hopefully finding ways to get as much information about careers that are out there and find out which ones interest them.

The day saw students engaged in the following projects.

  • A group considered a medical career. They had workshops with the following people; a local GP who also works as a medic for a Rugby club; a physiotherapist who attended London 2012 as the physio for the volleyball team, and an ex-student who is now a nurse.
  • Rolls Royce Bloodhound speed of sound car. A STEM activity focussing on designing cars and racing them. In the afternoon this group made rockets and had a go at firing them.
  • HS2 Rail project. This group worked as part of a team on a brand new railway engineering project based on the high speed ultra-modern HS2 railway project.
  • A group created a theme for a café opening night. They worked as a team to choose a menu, design the café, name the café, create invitations and design the table theme. They had a tour of our school kitchen that gave them an insight into how our school catering team work to produce over 500 meals on a daily basis.
  • The creative media group considered how to use a variety of media tools to help to promote a project or community cause of their choice. They received input from Katrina Atherton from Astar media.
  • A group got creative with the internet and looked at how we can use the internet in our everyday lives. They worked in a creative team to develop a product that can be used in everyday life but that works through the internet.
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