Students in the science lab with the bunsen burner

The Science department believes in the active learning of science, taking it out of the textbook and demonstrating good science through experiments and reporting on results by students, ensuring the data is used to test hypotheses.

Students acquire a good body of scientific knowledge, key concepts, and skills throughout their time. The departmental teachers work with staff in other curriculum areas, such as maths, English and ICT in order to ensure students' core scientific skills are supported, with developments such as healthy lifestyles delivered in collaboration with design and technology.

Our recent additions in terms of equipment include a new 24 base PC suite and interactive whiteboards in every classroom, the use of which is developing apace.

We have a committed group of students ready to assist during lunchtimes through our science club and students are encouraged to take part in after-hours learning.

Through a partnership established with Sheffield Hallam University all year 12 science students are given the chance for a 'forward look' with one day of university level lectures and practical activities.

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