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The department focuses much of its energy on the effective development of numeracy, reasoning, investigation and communication skills, seeking to foster interest and a sense of wonder at mathematical learning.

From the start of year 7 students embark upon their GCSE course. Carefully planned curriculum pathways help the students to progress so that their target grades can be achieved or exceeded.

The mathematics department prides itself on the quality of teaching and learning. Planning of lessons is meticulous and electronic teaching boards have been developed over the past few years to a very high standard. Each lesson is split into three parts, with differentiation throughout.

In lessons it is the norm for students to discuss the work with their partners. They are also encouraged to be independent, show resilience, perseverance and to explore different ways of problem solving when attempting the Extra Challenge questions in the classroom.

Progress tests are set five times per year. To support the students revision for progress tests they are encouraged to use the commercial Maths Watch website. Prior to the progress tests students are given a list of topics, with the associated Maths Watch video clip numbers to watch, to help their revision.

Students are set homework at least once a week and this is completed from exercises in designated homework booklets or from the Maths Watch website.

Our strong team of teaching and support staff collaborate in a supportive, open department, with the team members maintaining high expectations for student success. Teaching pedagogy and good practice are regularly discussed at collaborative planning meetings and in the Teaching and Learning Communities.

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