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ICT and Computing

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) encourages students to explore a range of skills for use in a variety of contexts, ensuring students know which type of software to use in a given real-life situation. This both makes the students more employable and supports their studies in other areas of study.

Computer Science on the other hand allows students to write the programming to make the computer respond in a certain way, such as making a character move on screen, flashcards for revision appear, or websites to be recommended.

The majority of the curriculum in all key stages is project-based, with our Cambridge National ICT, consolidating our good practice in Years 7 and 8. After these years, students are given the chance to complete the Cambridge National (ICT) in years 9 through 11.

They may also take their studies of computing further, opting for our GCSE Computer Science, preparing students for study at A-level or laying the foundations for a variety of careers and further studies.

The leader of teaching and learning for ICT is Mr Mellors - cmellors1@eckington.derbyshire.sch.uk

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