Eckington School GCSE Results 2018

GCSE students on results day 2018 GCSE students on results day 2018

This year sees the introduction by the Government of new GCSEs in the majority of subjects, including a new 9-1 grading system for these subjects.

To ensure that students this year are not disadvantaged, Ofqual, the independent regulator, has ensured that the number of students getting new grades 9-4 will be the same nationally as gained grades A*-C last year. We are delighted that the hard work and the commitment shown by staff and students have resulted in pleasing results across all subjects.

GCSE students on results day 2018 GCSE students on results day 2018

Outstanding individual results: - 30 out of 186 (16%) students gained 4 or more top grades (7, 8 and 9/A*-A).

  • 10: Charlotte Bramall, Bethany Clarke, Abbie Thompson.
  • 9: Eleanor Chesterton, Georgia Davies, Alicia Hill, Amy Jones, Riya Patel.
  • 8: Madalaine Ellis, Phoebe Freeston, Emily Newbould.
  • 7: Molly Brookfield, Erin Flanagan, Rebecca Howsham, Brooke Morley.
  • 6: Herbie Colton, Jasmine Harper, Dylan Pickering, Emily Wallace.
  • 5: Amy Ludlam, Matthaios Markatis, Ella Taylor, Max Barker.
  • 4: Jessica Commerford, Michael Gavrilov, Georgia Hawcroft, Archie Holmes, Megan Hovey, Luke Jackson, Liberty Marshall.
  • Virtually all students gained at least one A*-G/9-1. This is particularly pleasing because we are a truly comprehensive school taking the full range of ability. The percentage of students gaining 9-4 (equivalent to A*-C) in English and mathematics this year is 61.7%, an increase of 5.7% from last year.

    The percentage of students gaining a grade 5 or above in English and mathematics also showed an improvement from last year, up 7.3%, to 38.3% this year. 92.5% of students gained at least one 9-4/A*-C grade showing that the curriculum is sufficiently broad and flexible so that virtually all students can gain a 9-4/A*-C in at least one subject.

    These are excellent results which have been achieved by a complete cross section of students. Eckington School is a mixed comprehensive which offers places to all young people regardless of ability. Academic achievement is regarded as an important aspect of the education we provide but not the only aspect and we do not manipulate entry to either courses or examinations to improve outcomes.

    GCSE students on results day 2018 GCSE students on results day 2018

    We believe that a number of factors have contributed to our success, of which the hard work of the students themselves, the support of their parents and the skill and commitment of our teachers are most significant. Joining the LEAP Academy Trust has helped us to make improvements and we look forward to working with them going forward to further enhance the outcomes of our students.

    For several years, we have used a system of target setting and monitoring at GCSE in which students are given a clear indication very early in their course as to the results we expect. This is based on a subject by subject analysis of previous performance. At the same time students are challenged to exceed these expectations. Many students have risen to this challenge magnificently. Within this process regular monitoring allowed us to give encouragement throughout and to address any issues for those in danger of underachieving before it became too late.


    Principal Mrs Burgess said I am delighted with our GCSE results, which are much improved from last year. Our students have worked very hard to achieve this standard and have been very well supported by our dedicated staff. These improved outcomes demonstrate increasing effectiveness of high quality teaching, coupled with strong management systems and teamwork. We are pleased with these outcomes but are not complacent and will seek to work together with LEAP to build on this achievement.'

    A Level Results 2018


level students on results day 2018 A level 

students on results day 2018
    A level 

students on results day 2018 A level 

students on results day 2018

    Amidst all the changes nationally to the exam system, Eckington School's 2018 A Level results have shown an improvement from last year. The Principal, Alison Burgess, welcomed the results: 'We are delighted with the exam results of 2018, for the whole range of students, which continue to show improvement year on year. The standard of teaching here at Eckington, with the increased support and challenge of LEAP Academy Trust, is moving towards excellent. Throughout the past two years our sixth form students have demonstrated great commitment and hard work, whilst engaging in a wide range of extra-curricular and social activities.'

    The major change nationally over the past two years is that almost all subjects taken now at A Level have a new syllabus with only a final examination. This has obviously been a challenge to both staff and students, to which we have been able to respond.

    Our A Level average points score per entry is up on last year as are the number of higher grades, and several students have gained places at Russell Group Universities.

    Mrs Burgess said 'As a comprehensive school, our focus is on achieving outstanding results for all our students, and also delivering high value-added progress from GCSE to A Level. We pride ourselves on offering opportunity as widely as possible by keeping restrictions on entry to sixth form courses to a minimum. As a result, a number of students who in many institutions may not have been allowed to begin Level 3 courses have gained very commendable grades, thereby giving them access to university places'.

    One of the key reasons for our success, which we hope will grow even more with LEAP, is the consistent focus on the interests of the students, developing a broad range of skills and responsibilities. Our excellent tutor team works with the students from day one, identifying any concerns at an early stage and offering constructive support and guidance throughout the two years of study.

    There were several outstanding individual results: " Daniel Burgess with 4 A* grades at A Level in Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Mathematics and Physics, together with an A* grade in The Extended Project. (Daniel is going on to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences).

  • Olivia Ballington - Film Studies A*, English Literature A, Resistant Materials A.
  • Sam Beardshaw - Business Studies A, Resistant Materials A, Extended Project A, Art Photography B.
  • Liam Dunn - History A, Mathematics A, Biology B, Physics C.
  • Abbie Uprichard - Art Photography A, Business Studied B, Sociology B , Extended Project D.
  • Rebecca Young - Art Photography A, Textiles A, History C.
  • Among our students who followed vocational courses, mention should be made of Jade Straw who scored triple distinction in Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care and Reece Mallender who gained a distinction star in Extended Diploma in Creative Media.

    GCSE Results 2017

    GCSE students on results day 2017 GCSE students on results day 2017
    GCSE students on results day 2017 A-level students on results day 2016

    The Headteacher of Eckington School, Patrick Cummings congratulated his year 11 students on some excellent GCSE scores. For a typical secondary school cohort on entry to school, our students did exceptionally well and matched national scores in English and mathematics at A*-C (on 9-4 as they are now called). In Science, our A/A*and A*-C results exceeded national results. Across all subjects our total awards at A*/A jumped to nearly 20%. Particular mention should be made of some of our high-flyers:

  • Tilly Simpson: 2 grade 9s, 8 A*s (Note: this is among the best scores in the country!)
  • Natasha Carr: 4 A*s, 7As
  • Isobel Buckle: 4A*s, 5As, 2Bs
  • Emily Harvey: 1 grade 9, 3A*s, 6As, 1B
  • Georgia Priestley: 2A*s, 6As, 3Bs
  • Mollie Booker: 1 grade 9, 2A*s, 7As, 1C
  • Chloe Carmody: 4A*s, 5As, 2Bs
  • Charlotte Nowell: 3A*s, 5As, 2Cs
  • Chloe Mosley: 3A*s, 6As, 1C
  • Caity Collins: 1A*, 5As, 3Bs, 1C
  • Emily Nicholson: 1 grade 9, 2A*s, 5As, 1B, 1C
  • Laura Webster: 2A*s, 5As, 3Bs

  • A Level Results 2017

    A Level students on results day 2017

    Eckington School's Headteacher, Patrick Cummings, commended his year 13 students on their A Level and BTEC examination results. As in previous years we expect that almost every student will gain the university place of their choice. Some of our high-flyers include:

  • Millie Haywood - Geography A*, Business A, Psychology B, Extended Project B
  • Lucy Salmon - English Language A*, English Literature A, History B
  • Phoebe Hopkinson - Business A, English Language B, Law B
  • Grace Lee - Art & Photography A*, English Language B, Textiles C
  • Among our students who followed vocational courses, mention should be made of Ellie Wake, Leah Robinson, Jessica Pidcock and Elise Allen, all of whom scored triple distinction star (the equivalent of three A grades at A Level) in the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care.

    GCSE Results 2016

    Eckington School's GCSE results day 2016 Eckington School's GCSE results day 2016

    Eckington School's Headteacher, Patrick Cummings, congratulated the Year 11 on their GCSE success. The school's 5 A*-C (including English and mathematics) continues to stretch further beyond the national average. 66% of our young people scored good passes in English and mathematics. Among the highest attainers are the students listed below:

  • Daniel Burgess: (7 A*s, 3 As)
  • Liam Dunn: (4 A*s, 5 As, 1B)
  • Rachel Clayton: (5 A*s, 5 As)
  • Rachelle Batty: (6 A*s, 3 As)
  • Olivia Ballington: (4 A*s, 5 As)
  • Madeleine Widdowson:(5 A*s, 4 As)
  • Chloe Mallinder: (3 A*s, 4 As, 2 Bs)
  • Katy Staples: (2A*s, 6 As, 1 B)
  • Kate Hennessey: (4 A*s, 2 As, 4 Bs)
  • Evie Green: (1 A*, 7 As, 2 Bs)
  • Xavier Nicholson: (2 A*s, 5 As, 2 Bs)
  • Daisy Staples: (1 A*, 6 As, 2 Bs)
  • Adam Howsham: (1 A*, 4 As, 4 Bs, 1 C)

  • A Level Results 2016

    A-level students on results day 2016 A-level students on results day 2016

    Eckington School's Headteacher, Patrick Cummings, congratulated his Year 13 students on their terrific A level and Btec examination results. Students and their teachers have worked hard to improve on a 5 year improving trend in A level scores. As in previous years we expect that almost every student will gain the university place of their choice. Some of our high flyers this year include:-

    Emma Hartley History: A
    English Language: A
    English Literature: A*
    Hannah Scaife BTEC Health and Social Care: D* D* D*
    (equivalent to 3A*'s at A-Level)
    Channelle Rickett BTEC Health and Social Care: D* D D
    Roma Patel Psychology: A
    Mathematics: A
    Biology: A
    Chemistry: B
    Beth Rhodes Geography: A
    English Literature: A
    Psychology: B
    Extended Project: A
    Lewis Fretwell-Smith Mathematics: A
    Physics: A
    Chemistry: B
    Geology: B
    Josh Mowbray Mathematics: A*
    Further Mathematics:A
    Chemistry: B
    Paige Green Psychology: A*
    Biology: A
    Mathematics: C
    Chemistry: C
    Isabelle Ritchie Film Studies: A
    Extended Project: A
    English Language: C
    English Literature: C

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